From Our Executive Director

Thread passion, purpose, and precision together and powerful things begin to happen. For YDN, 2014 proved to be the year that we evolved from being merely a framework into being a critical part of the delivery, approach and language of so many youth-serving organizations.

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King Sign

YDN’s vision is to have communities filled with youth who know how to achieve personal and academic success; who know how to connect to adults and to their community; who have a positive vision of their future; and who grow up to be healthy, productive and civic-minded adults.

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We believe that young people who know their strengths and talents--and who feel connected to their peers, adults, and community--will develop into amazing individuals who will lead and change the world.

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The YDN Approach

Changemakers paving the way – helping youth serving professionals and organizations create well-rounded teams and provide strengths-based experiences for youth is the core focus of the Youth Development Network.

Mercy Housing and Leadership Camp
Encina High School Camp 2014


  • Youth Leadership Programs

    In its mission to change the lives of youth, YDN primarily serves and supports youth-serving professionals and organizations that work and support youth.

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  • Youth Leadership Camp

    In 2014 YDN served – 100 youth, 20 returning youth facilitators and 20 adult leaders from four school districts and organizations.

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  • Student Engagement

    YDN believes in the power of building emotional safe, caring and consistent relationships for new students in our communities.

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  • Peer Conflict Mediation

    Participants learned practical skills that reduce and mediate conflicts within the classroom, school or program (active listening, paraphrasing, I-messages, triggers, etc.), examine conflict mediation models, including peer conflict mediation programs.

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Training & Inspiring

YDN seeks to change the world by impacting the people, organizations, and systems served through an asset-based, strengths-based lens. We strive for changes to programs, policies and procedures that lead to a stronger focus on what people need to grow, survive, and thrive.



  • Strengths Based Institute

    In 2014 supported in part, by the Wells Fargo Foundation, a 2-day Strengths-Based Institute (SBI) in May was offered to organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

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  • Community Collaboration

    YDN’s facilitation for students included: teambuilding, GALLUP strengths exploration, developing a sense of group comfort, transitioning into personal leadership and career exploration.

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  • Networking Events

    YDN knows that the more people learn about each other, the more they feel connected. These connections lead to increased collaboration and a tighter community that is more effective at supporting our youth.

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  • Keynotes and Conferences

    YDN directly reached over 950 participants through keynote and conference presentations in 2014.

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