Strengths Based Institute

In 2014 supported in part, by the Wells Fargo Foundation, a 2-day Strengths-Based Institute (SBI) in May was offered to organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region. Forty-two staff members from 8 organizations with the potential impact on 38,000 youth annually participated in the 2014 session.

The SBI training is designed to provide participating organization teams with a knowledge and understanding of group dynamics and how individual talents impact and influence these dynamics. Participants discover their unique top 5 talent themes using an on-line, globally-recognized, research-based instrument and platform developed by Clifton of Gallup. The learning community provides the knowledge of: the difference between groups and teams, strategies for dealing with team conflict and common situations, a basic understanding of individual talent themes, and how individual talents and strengths can be used to strengthen their organization.

Participants also have the opportunity to: link their strengths to successes, see a connection between their individual themes and past and present behaviors, recognize and value the natural talents and strengths in others, develop awareness of how natural talents and strengths can be interpreted by others, and explore the four domains of amazing teams.

Using the tools and knowledge from the training, during day two of the SBI, each organization team develops an action plan focused on next steps. The action plan recommendations include that they: Show a highly probable “ripple-effect” – will saturate a larger group or system. S.M.A.R.T. Goals showcase they are sustainable and demonstrate a strong commitment to the strengths-based approach, as well as a sharp awareness of how this approach can optimize the way you will work with youth and as a team.