Inspiring Leaders & Cultivating Learning

YDN seeks to change the world by impacting the people, organizations, and systems served through an asset-based, strengths-based lens. We strive for changes to programs, policies and procedures that lead to a stronger focus on what people need to grow, survive, and thrive: the 5 supports and opportunities that are critical to youth and human development that help them become more successful, healthy, productive and fulfilled individuals are:

  • Skill Building: Opportunities to build applicable skills in engaging & challenging ways
  • Community Involvement: Opportunities to contribute to and gain knowledge of the community
  • Youth Participation: Opportunities for meaningful participation (youth have voice & choice)
  • Relationship Building: Caring and consistent healthy relationships between adults & peers
  • Safety: Access to emotionally, culturally and physically safe environment

“Fantastic experience for the participants.” — John Berchielli