Strengths Development


YDN directly reached 1175 participants through various trainings in 2014. YDN believes that the people who work with youth must be equipped with a passion, a focus, effective tools and strategies that focus on what is best for youth. YDN’s dynamic and customized trainings cultivate a mindset for youth development within those who attend. These trainings light fires in the belly. They focus laser beams on quality. We challenge participants and support their work as they make it happen. We feel confident that participants will come away from YDN trainings with “a-hah!” moments, concrete tools, and a renewed sense of energy and purpose in their work with young people.

The staff at Youth Development Network works closely with our clients to design training specially tailored to the needs of each organization. One of the most requested training topics in 2014 included Strengths Development. Over 700 participants from 200 unique programs, schools and organizations discovered their top 5 talent themes.

Training and coaching around Strength Development include: Group Dynamics–Building a Well-Rounded Team; Leading with Your Strengths; and Strengths Development-Maximizing Youth Potential.

YDN’s extensive experience with the Gallup Strengths approach helps make our strengths-based training and coaching offerings powerful and impactful for the professionals, business leaders, schools, programs and organizations who participate. We focus on strengths-development for professional businesses and organizations as well as youth servings teams & programs.

It was GREAT! Feeling so inspired. –Emily Vaden