From Our Executive Director

2015 was one of those years when you look at the rest of the team and say “Let’s go for it.” Don’t ask for permission. Stay away from “what-ifs” or “yeah-buts.” Just GO FOR IT – Believe that we are good enough and that our time is now. Believe that everything that we do will impact the lives of youth and youth developers everywhere we go.

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YDN’s vision is to have communities filled with youth who know how to achieve personal and academic success; who know how to connect to adults and to their community; who have a positive vision of their future; and who grow up to be healthy, productive and civic-minded adults.

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We believe that young people who know their strengths and talents--and who feel connected to their peers, adults, and community--will develop into amazing individuals who will lead and change the world.

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The YDN Approach

Changemakers paving the way – helping youth serving professionals and organizations create well-rounded teams and provide strengths-based experiences for youth is the core focus of the Youth Development Network.

Mercy Housing and Leadership Camp
Encina High School Camp 2014


  • Youth Leadership Programs

    In its mission to change the lives of youth, YDN primarily serves and supports youth-serving professionals and organizations that work and support youth.

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  • Youth Leadership Camp

    In 2015 YDN facilitated 4 Youth Leadership Strengths Development Camp Programs for over 160 youth, 15 peer youth facilitators, and 70 adult leaders.

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  • Student Engagement

    YDN believes in the power of building emotional safe, caring and consistent relationships for new students in our communities.

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  • Peer Conflict Mediation

    Participants learned practical skills that reduce and mediate conflicts within the classroom, school or program (active listening, paraphrasing, I-messages, triggers, etc.), examine conflict mediation models, including peer conflict mediation programs.

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Training & Inspiring

YDN seeks to change the world by impacting the people, organizations, and systems served through an asset-based, strengths-based lens. We strive for changes to programs, policies and procedures that lead to a stronger focus on what people need to grow, survive, and thrive.



  • Cultural Relevancy Institute

    In 2015, supported in part by the Foundation for Youth Investment, a Cultural Relevancy Institute (CRI) Series was offered to organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

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  • Community Collaboration

    In 2015 YDN and ASAP Connect collaborated and initiated a partnership that would bring StrengthsFinder statewide to after school programs.

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  • Networking Events

    YDN knows that the more people learn about each other, the more they feel connected. These connections lead to increased collaboration and a tighter community that is more effective at supporting our youth.

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  • Keynotes and Conferences

    YDN directly reached over 250 participants through keynote and conference presentations in 2015.

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