Mission, Vision

Youth Development Network (YDN) was formed as a California public benefit nonprofit corporation in 2007. YDN’s purpose and mission is inspired by the power of strengths and relationships. We believe that young people who know their strengths and talents – and who feel connected to their peers, adults, and community – will develop into amazing individuals who will lead and change the world.

We facilitate sustainable organizational change – We believe small changes make big differences.

YDN is changing the world for young people by creating places and settings where youth can thrive and succeed. We make this happen by coaching youth-serving professionals and community youth-serving organizations. We are a central support on the youth development – strengths based approach. Our training, coaching, technical assistance and youth leadership programs improve the quality of youth experiences. We are proud of the relationships and collaborations we have cultivated with youth-serving organizations, schools, faith-based groups, juvenile justice agencies, and businesses. We facilitate sustainable organizational change, while working toward the common goal of strengthening youth by recognizing and applying their talents and highlighting the power of positive relationships and role models.

YDN’s vision is to have communities filled with youth who know how to achieve personal and academic success; who know how to connect to adults and to their community; who have a positive vision of their future; and who grow up to be healthy, productive, and civic-minded adults.