Community Collaboration

In 2015 YDN and ASAP Connect collaborated and initiated a partnership that would bring
the strengths approach statewide to the after school programs. In 2015 six (6) Strengths Based Institutes (SBI) – “Building Dynamic Teams” were facilitated with over 210 teachers, after-school providers, and administrators discovering their top 5 talent themes.  
The SBIs that the YDN team has developed help participants improve their climates by incorporating a strength-based approach into how they operate. The training utilizes tools and methods developed by Gallup Inc. (the world’s leading authority in strength-based research) along with insights, training, and coaching from the YDN team’s expertise on youth development and youth engagement. The SBIs provide participants a powerful and interactive learning experience as a way to launch organizational change and leadership development.  
The success of the partnership has led to a multi-year collaboration for 2016 and 2017.

a group image of lots of teenagers and adults standing for a photograph in the corner of a classroom 

“Knowing your talents is one thing, but focusing on them helps you take your raw talents and turn them into mature strengths that benefit your life (whether personally or professionally). Knowing the talents of others, especially those on your teams, helps you better empathize with others, understand various perspectives, and create a well-rounded team.  Our facilitators shared that Gallup’s StrengthsFinder is about knowing yourself well, and creating well-rounded teams, not well-rounded individuals. We can’t all be good at everything. But if I hone my talents and I surround myself with diverse colleagues we can ensure our team is well-rounded.” Amy – YDN Strengths Based Institute Participant – Southern CA

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