Cultural Relevancy Institute

In 2015, supported in part by the Foundation for Youth Investment, a Cultural Relevancy Institute (CRI) Series was offered to organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region. 30 staff members from 7 organizations with the potential impact of 50,000 youth annually participated in the 2015 session.

During the Cultural Relevancy Institute series, participants explored personal beliefs around diversity; examined how personal history and beliefs impact their work and relationships; built trust to overcome diversity challenges they face in their lives; identified how bias and privilege impacts decisions within the organization; and learned how intersectionality impacts cultural expression.

The CRI training is designed to help professionals, schools, businesses, and organizations demystify the many components of culture to improve their climates. YDN encourages workshop participants to focus on providing the basic supports and opportunities needed to promote optimal development of employees.

“Thank you for having us; I learned a lot. This positively affected my life and I continually find myself quoting or using examples that I learned during these series of trainings.” Participant – CRI 2015 Series

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