Youth Engagement / Organizational Development

an image of a group of students who are sitting on the ground facing away from the camera, all looking at a central person standing up giving a presentation

YDN facilitated training sessions for approximately 338 individuals from over 66 unique schools, programs, and organizations. Core topics included:

Youth Development – Training focusing on the critical experiences youth need and how to make these experiences happen as often as possible.

Facilitation – Training focuses on the tools and skills that facilitators need for working with groups in a way that is engaging, empowering, and harmonious.

Youth Engagement – Training for creating optimal environments for youth to take on responsibility and leadership; from youth as part of your board, to peer tutors, and mentors.

Organizational Development – Trainings focusing on program development, improvement, strategic planning, best practices, mission alignment, and retreats- taking your organization from good to great.

Human Development – Content adapting youth development principles into a training that focuses on creating an optimal working environment for administration, management, and staff.

  • A process of human growth through which people move from being taken care of to taking care of others and themselves.
  • An approach in which people are supported as they build their capacities and strengths to meet their personal social needs and those of the organization.

“I enjoyed the additional techniques for establishing a connection with the youth, cannot wait to try them out!” YDI GJUSD Participant