Student Engagement

Youth Engagement Youth Listening Circles:

In 2015, five schools and organizations engaged over 80 of their youth and staff in a listening circle forum.

Listening circles are a means of creating effective dialogue forums for youth to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas around the topic of school climate. The primary facilitation method YDN uses is commonly known as “student fishbowls” or “listening circles”.

The listening circle format optimizes the listening of key stakeholders as they pay close attention to the experiences, feelings, and perspectives of a targeted group of students. YDN strives to create a sense of equality and positive direction by asking effective questions that capture the reality of the current school climate as well as the dominant ideas youth have to strengthen the school climates of tomorrow. Using the data learned from this process, the focus and action plans generated have proven to be effective in making the desired changes within the classrooms and programs.

an image of some students sitting on the ground taking a break at an outdoor event