Youth Leadership Programs

a group of students in black shirts that read "Straight Outta Leadership" standing together for a photograph

Providing youth engagement, youth voice and choice

YDN supports youth-serving professionals, school districts and campuses and organizations. We run high-impact, engaging youth programs, seeing impact and change up close.

“I wanted to experience something new and out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did.” Student at TRUSD Leadership Program

School Site – Student Leadership Program

YDN believes in the power of building emotionally safe, caring and consistent relationships for students. This is why we design and facilitate leadership programs and orientations that build comfort for students at the beginning of the school year and help young people form connections with other students and staff.

In 2015, YDN provided training and coaching focused on strengthening student leadership and peer support programs to the students, administrative staff, and teachers of the Twin Rivers Unified School District and Encina High School (San Juan Unified School District).

Peer Conflict Mediation and Peer Mentoring:

YDN served Encina High School – impacting 50 students. Participants learned practical skills that reduce and mediate conflicts within the classroom, school, or program (active listening, paraphrasing, I-messages, triggers, etc.), and examine conflict mediation models, including peer conflict mediation programs. 

Student Leadership 21st Century Youth Skill Building Session:

8 sessions – 23 school sites – 120 students and adults participated in the program series. 2015-2016 marked the 4th year the Twin Rivers USD Student Leadership Program was supported by the District leadership and facilitated by the YDN team.

The overall goals of the Student Leadership Program during the 2014-2015 fiscal year included:

  • Improving student leadership structures so that youth are more engaged in true positions of responsibility and decision-making
  • Expanding youth and adults’ vision for student leadership at school to include a focus on school climate
  • Improving the student experience by increasing the amount of authentic youth voice provided by student leaders.

Additionally, we provide adult leaders with the core skills to facilitate an authentic leadership process with their students. These student leadership skill building sessions are designed to provide youth participants with ongoing support for their school-wide efforts, as well as knowledge and understanding of effective strategies for making change and getting their voices heard.