From Our Executive Director

BRAVO! to all of you who made the following pages a living document. Join us in 
slowing down just for a minute to reflect and appreciate the goodness of being a network committed to the development of our young people and of those who 
choose to live life through their strengths.

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YDN’s vision is to have communities filled with youth who know how to achieve personal and academic success; who know how to connect to adults and to their community; who have a positive vision of their future; and who grow up to be healthy, productive and civic-minded adults.

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We believe that young people who know their strengths and talents--and who feel connected to their peers, adults, and community--will develop into amazing individuals who will lead and change the world.

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The YDN Approach

Changemakers paving the way – helping youth serving professionals and organizations create well-rounded teams and provide strengths-based experiences for youth is the core focus of the Youth Development Network.

Mercy Housing and Leadership Camp
Encina High School Camp 2014


  • Youth Leadership Programs

    Providing youth engagement, youth voice and choice: In its mission to change the lives of youth, YDN serves and supports youth-serving professionals and organizations that work and support youth. However, we also run some amazing high-impact, engaging programs directly with youth, seeing the impact and change up close and personal that youth experience. We are proud of our youth leadership programs, which we feel are a model of a quality setting that offers dynamic opportunities for youth.

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  • Youth Leadership Camp

    In 2016 YDN facilitated three strengths-based youth leadership camp programs for 162 participants.

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  • Youth Philanthropy

    YDN partnered with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to oversee the Grants Advisory Board for Youth.

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  • Youth Workforce Development

    Students developed 21st Century Core Skills to prepare them for jobs and internships.

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Training & Inspiring

YDN’s dynamic and customized trainings cultivate a mindset for asset-based development within those who attend. These trainings light fires in the belly. 
They focus laser beams on quality. We challenge participants and support their work as they make it happen. We feel confident that participants will come away from YDN trainings with “a-hah!” moments, concrete tools, and a renewed sense of energy and purpose in their work and team engagement.



  • Strengths Development

    2,721 participants / 100 unique entities discovered their top 5 talent themes using Clifton Strengthsfinder and took the next step to incorporate into the culture of their organizations.

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  • LEGO Serious Play

    45 change-makers learned to think in 3D in the brand new LEGO SERIOUS PLAY strategic sessions that YDN offers.

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  • Cultural Relevancy Institute

    In 2016-2017, 196 participants engaged in deep conversations and activities during cultural relevancy institutes.

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  • Keynotes and Conferences

    In 2016-2017 over 275 participants gathered at various conferences and events with the key purpose of improving and motivating change that improved the lives of the people they serve.

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