Strengths Development

an image of three men standing together outside of a restaurant

Strengths Development: During the strengths sessions, participants are able to identify the power of understanding these themes as they name, claim, aim their thoughts and actions to make their signature themes their own. They also generate the dialogue necessary to build dynamic teams through a strengths-based language and approach as they collectively decide on goals that will bring them together as a cohesive team.

Coaching, Consulting, Technical Assistance: YDN support does not end with trainings. We believe training sessions are just the beginning. During the 2016/2017 period, 178 individuals / 11 organizations took their strengths journey even deeper with Adrian Ruiz, certified Gallup Strengths coach. To take the organization to the next level with strengths, YDN provided coaching for team members to further understand the balcony and basement of their talents. Further, he coached team members to discover action steps to take to utilize strengths on a daily basis with the goal of maximum time spent each day in “The Strengths Zone.”