Inspiring Leaders & Cultivating Learning

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YDN seeks to change the world by impacting the people, organizations, and systems served through an asset-based, strengths-based lens. We strive for changes to programs, policies, and procedures that lead to a stronger focus on what people need to grow, survive, and thrive: the five supports and opportunities that are critical to youth and human development.

1488 participants from over 40 programs, schools and organizations enhanced their skillset and added new tools to their teaching, facilitation and training bucket attending learning communities on youth development and youth engagement.

  • Skill Building: opportunities to build applicable skills in engaging and challenging ways.
  • Community Involvement: Opportunities to contribute to and gain knowledge of the community.
  • Youth Participation: Opportunities for meaningful participation (youth have voice and choice).
  • Relationship Building: Caring and consistent healthy relationships between adults and peers.
  • Safety: Access to emotionally, culturally, and physically safe environment.


YDN’s dynamic and customized trainings cultivate a mindset for asset-based development within those who attend. These trainings light fires in the belly. 
They focus laser beams on quality. We challenge participants and support their work as they make it happen. We feel confident that participants will come away from YDN trainings with “a-hah!” moments, concrete tools, and a renewed sense of energy and purpose in their work and 
team engagement.

The staff at YDN works closely with our clients to design training specially tailored to the needs of each organization.