Core Focus – Program Benefits

Changemakers paving the way – helping youth-serving professionals and organizations create well-rounded teams and provide strengths-based experiences for youth is the core focus of the Youth Development Network.

Youth Development Network (YDN) team members are proud to support the mission and vision of the organization:

  • Building Dynamic Strengths-Based Teams: where organizations learn 
to build teams that are connected, creative, and innovative.
  • Extraordinary Leadership Camps: where young people reaching their fullest potential in challenging and supportive environments.
  • Positive Youth-Adult Partnerships: where young people are doing better in school, getting more involved in the community, and recognizing the value 
of diversity.
  • Engaged Learning Communities: environments where individuals are connected and motivated to learn.

YDN provides a wide range of training related services and programs to:

  • Schools: YDN is proud to partner with schools to develop climates that create increased student engagement, higher grades, increased safety, and higher attendance.
  • Businesses: Employees working in their strengths zone are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and perform at higher levels. We believe all professionals must be equipped with a passion, a focus, and effective tools and strategies to focus on best practices.
  • Individuals: YDN encourages people to take their learning and skills to the next level by engaging in interactive personal and professional development. We provide customized coaching and consulting to give participants ideas and strategies that stick. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet people where they are and customize our content to meet their needs and move them forward.
  • Organizations: Organizations and teams that experience the “YDN way” rave about the positive impact on their programs. These learning communities are designed to provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of group dynamics around customized content areas.

YDN services and programs motivate participants, help them implement change, and develop buy-in from key staff and managers. Core services include: presentations and orientations, conferences, training workshops, customized coaching and technical assistance, planning and designing forums, and networking events. Direct youth programs and services offered include: developing strengths-based leadership camps, and training youth as leaders, facilitators, strengths ambassadors, peer mentors, conflict mediators.